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/* $Id: declaration.h,v 1.72 2009-01-27 15:40:22 potyra Exp $ 
 * Copyright (C) 2007-2009 FAUcc Team <info@faumachine.org>.
 * This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License, either version 2 of
 * the License, or (at your option) any later version. See COPYING.


#include <inttypes.h>

#include "type.h"

 * Constants
#define DECL_CLASS_NONE       0
#define DECL_CLASS_COUNT      32
#define DECL_REG_COUNT        (DECL_CLASS_COUNT * 8)
#define DECL_MEMORY           DECL_REG_COUNT

 * Types
struct storage_register {
      const char *name;
      unsigned int class;
      enum type_type type;

struct decl_live {
      struct decl_live *prev;
      struct decl_live *next;
      struct declaration *decl;

struct declaration {
      struct declaration *prev;
      struct declaration *next;

      const char *identifier;
      enum type_storage {
            STORAGE_NONE = 0,
      } storage;
      unsigned int mod_inline;
      unsigned int attr_aligned;
      unsigned int attr_noreturn;
      struct expr *nbits;
      struct expr *initializer;
      struct stmt *stmt;
      struct type *type_name;
      const char *regname;
      const char *code;

      struct declaration *clone;

      /* SSA Info */
      struct expr *assign_expr;
      unsigned int acount;
      unsigned int wcount;
      unsigned int rcount;

      /* Register Allocation */
      unsigned int storage_class;
      int storage_mem;
      unsigned int spills;
      unsigned int reg_count[DECL_CLASS_COUNT];
      struct decl_live *move_first;
      struct decl_live *move_last;
      struct decl_live *conflict_first;
      struct decl_live *conflict_last;
      struct decl_live *conflict_save_first;
      struct decl_live *conflict_save_last;
      unsigned int storage_register;

      unsigned int offset;

      /* FAUjitcc */
      int jit;

 * Functions
extern void
      struct declaration *dion,
      enum type_type type,
      const char *old,
      const char *new

extern void
      struct declaration *dion,
      const char *old,
      const char *new);

extern struct declaration *

extern void
declaration_name_set(struct declaration *d, const char *name);
extern const char *
declaration_name_get(struct declaration *dor);
extern void
declaration_type_get(struct type **adp, struct declaration *dor);
extern void
declaration_initializer_set(struct declaration *dor, struct expr *initializer);
extern struct expr *
declaration_initializer_get(struct declaration *dor);

extern struct declaration *
declaration_identifier(const char *name);

extern void
declaration_free(struct declaration *dor);

extern void
declaration_alive(struct storage_register *reginfo,
            unsigned int *classinfo, unsigned int *typeinfo,
            struct stmt *fs);


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